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The arrival of a new baby in the house can be full of intensity. The joy and amazement that comes from holding and gazing at our babies is awe-inspiring. The excitement of getting to know their unique personalities and witnessing their constant developmental leaps provokes wonder. The love we feel for our children may be truly unmatched.

And yet, many women and men find this transition to parenthood overwhelming. Most new parents at some point will experience intense exhaustion, worry, feelings of incompetence, and frustration. Couples with a new baby often experience bumps in their relationship as they feel their way through the surreal experience of going from two to three, from three to four, and so on.  From those early days of breastfeeding to the seemingly never-ending sleep deprivation, the experience of having a baby is all consuming. This can be a normal part of the transition that subsides as we find our groove as a parent. However, when these struggles are persistent and even worsen over time, it's time to talk to a professional. Parenting a baby when you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or are constantly emotionally triggered is simply too much to cope with on your own.

Important disclaimer: I am no expert on babies! My own two babies were a constant source of bewilderment (and wonder) to me. You will not get any expert advice on whether or not to sleep train, how to perfect your baby's latch, or how to potty train from me (other than the odd personal anecdote about my own misadventures). I am also not dogmatic - I do not promote or personally subscribe to any one theory of parenting. What you will find is that I am able to skillfully intuit the core issues, fears, and patterns that are activating your struggles. From there, I can help you develop more strength, confidence, and emotional balance in this often overwhelming time of transition.

I have years of experience counselling women, men and couples whose postpartum struggles run the gamut from mental health concerns to relationship issues to self-care. I have provided consultation to various midwifery groups and the Pacific Postpartum Society, and have made public presentations on postpartum adjustment.. 

Many of my clients are referred to me for counselling by their midwives, doctors, or through BC Women's Hospital's Reproductive Mental Health program, but a referral is not necessary; in fact, the majority of my clients come to me through their own search (googling in the wee hours of the night), or by word of mouth.  Some seek me out during serious crises, and others come to me for support and guidance to help them feel stronger and more balanced as a parent.  If you would like to explore whether your issues in this area are something I could help you with, please contact me for a free initial telephone consultation.

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